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Nivea Project

Nivea world wild project -I was having 8 models from all over Europe to do Makeup for the first make up program ever existed!!

"Bend it like Beckham"

my first Hollywood movie I did Makeup :)

Portrait photo

Hamburg,Germany fashion show....


Hamburg,Germany fashion show....

sting gold gold gold

I'm doing Makeup to Sting the Legend

Adidas Catalgue

Light natural Makeup look


Male light skin Makeup


Male skin Makeup


Natural Makeup

Shef philis Gelzer

Vegan Shef colourful Makeup


Tasty Makeup....

Let the cooking begin...

Basic colours Red...Yellow...Blue...

Enrique Eglesias

I'm doing Makeup to Enrique...

Ones Upon a time....

Fresh Peach Makeup

gold gold gold ronan kitten

I'm doing Makeup to Ronan Kitten

Maze of Braides

Classic Braides hair styling


Elegant Hair&Make up

Free yourself

Natural makeup

Portrait photo

Classic make up

Young and soft look

harmony makeup style

look me in the eyes

Ellegant make up look

Take a look on the wild side

savage make up look

My white specail look

Bride make up look

one more direction...

white from another angel

Deep purple

Purple clean make up look


Natural mermaid make up look

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